An Education Division of MindSpace

The Conductor

The conductor – teacher is the professional who delivers the program. Conductors have an intensive, four year University – Based “hands on” professional training where they learn how to observe each person’s performance and modify the Conductive Education program and timetable according to their needs. The conductor – teacher is responsible for the initial assessment, organization, delivery of the Conductive Education program also the creation of situations that encourage learning and problem solving.

Conductors teacher concentrate on the positive aspects to ensure that the individual experiences success and feels the effort is purposeful and worthwhile. Positive feedback is crucial to the interaction. Conductors use a “hand off” philosophy which means that they assist the child physically to learn movements that require skill and sensitivity but allow the child to understand the movement required, initiate that movement and thus be as independent as possible in the execution of that movement.

All the Conductors at “Step and Smile” have qualified from the Peto Institute, Budapest, Hungary (Europe). They have experience from pre school children up to adults. They have worked in many different countries and different cultures. – You can see here our introduction –