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Trusting someone with teaching our children is a very important decision, especially if he or she is a special need child. We would like to encourage you to choose us by making visible what our present student’s parents or other people wrote about us.


Conductive Education with Step & Smile has been the most positive experience for our family since our journey begun with Deebak's CP diagnosis.

When started CE in June 2015, Deebak was using a K-walker and he improved to use a quad canes with so much of balance and confident. Deebak has undergone SDR surgery in St. Loius Children's Hospital in August 2015. After the SDR Deebak has no more spasticity but he has zero muscle strength. He started back his CE in September and he was using his K-walker and use to collapse within few steps. Now within 2 months he gain back his strength and now using his quad canes again.

Deebak always look foward and happy to go to Step & Smile due to their positive and caring environment. Not only he loves the conductors, he also enjoys the social aspects of interacting with other children. The group environment provides the opputunity for the children to encourage and support each other.

The changes in Deebak have been amazing. He has so much confidence. He loves to tell about his days in Step & Smile and show us his strechings.
We're so happy to have found Step & Smile and would like to thank the whole team for doing such a wonderful job.

Samu - Deebak's Mum
October 30, 2015


Zara is my niece, and she's always looking forward to the days she attends school at Step and Smile. She's always shouting ' Yeeaaahhhhh' whenever I prompt her that it was school day, the day after. I've dropped-in twice at the school, and found their learning apparatus/tools to be genuinely creative and helpful to help Zara to confidentally learn how to walk. The school has an amazingly cool, colourful, bright and airy atmosphere. No wonder the 'Yeeaaaahhhhhhhs from Zara when it's a school day at Step and Smile.

Afrah - Zara's aunt
November 14, 2017


Hi Alexandre, thank u so much for your love towards Zhu Ern. We are very grateful that you have always been very positive and encouraging towards her and her development.

Molly Chai Lie Ping - Zhu Ern's Mum
August 9, 2015


Last Friday at Step And Smile, I was told that Janna and friends went to walk with their walkers all the way from their class in Plaza Damas 3, across the overhead bridge to Hartamas Shopping Centre, to Crispy Creme. Yesterday I counted about 500steps for that walk (more than 250m). Seriously, that was a very long walk for her. I'm very impressed!

Thank you, Sandra for giving the opportunities to the kids, being very patient with Janna's slow walk, treated the kids with doughnuts and piggybacked Janna back to class. You're too kind and the best teacher (or conductive educator).

Rafidah Rafizah Ahmad - Janna's Mum
July 31, 2015


Taken during Step And Smile program. Looks so simple ya? But not for Janna. See how she struggled doing this, to the extend that her upper body also moved. She was never able to do this movement before..until now, so it's a big achievement for her.

Kids like Janna have coordination problems and somehow their brains do not know/understand how to control and move the muscles because that part of the brains were injured. Learning these movements are important in order to allow the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for those injuries and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment. In other word, the brain is able to reorganise itself to take over the functions of the injured parts. This is called brain neuroplasticity. And that is why we're always grateful for every little progress.

Rafidah Rafizah Ahmad - Janna's Mum
July 04, 2015


Dear Alan and Sandra,

What magical people you are doing something so special with the wonderful young children in your care.

Andrew Auster - Campus Principal, Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park, Malaysia
June 15, 2015


Good morning Kiyoka,
A big thank you for accommodating ker le and me.
You all are doing a great job for the CP community. Nice to see Marc able to walk , active participation and emotionally cheerful as usual. Sandra really got passion with the kids. She is patience, gentle, motivating, encouraging and can sing well. The kids love her. The therapy session was meaningful and functional too as each of them tries to do the movement . You got a great staff.

Teo Lee Fun - Occupational Therapist from Teo Therapeutic Centre
May 31, 2015


Hi Kiyoka,
Thank you for inviting me to visit your center. It was good to see how Sandra works very effectively with Seba, Marc, Hakim, and Krithin. I was inspired by the supportive and warm atmosphere in the class. All the kids seem motivated to work and having fun at the same time.
Thanks again for the opportunity to see what you do and learn more about conductive education. It was a great experience for me.

Sheryl - The Learning Connection
May 20, 2015


Thank you for updating and sharing about Hakim's progress. I really appreciate all your sincere efforts to help my son. I know it's not easy to do toilet training for Hakim at Step and Smile but I'm so thankful that he is able to do it. I never imagine he could do it and it's like a miracle for us. We use to think that it was impossible for him and he would have to wear pampers for life long. I really must thank you for triggering us to try him on this toilet training. We are hoping for more improvements and achievements this year. With your expertise and experience, I'm confident that Hakim will progress. Hopefully, one day he can manage himself and who knows maybe he can walk.

Rose - Hakim's Mom
March 03, 2015